All too frequently, the difference between profit and loss for any business depends on its sales representation and its ability to fulfill each customer needs.

With this in mind, we at KoLiBaBa are committed to intensive road coverage to service the needs of both the lines we represent and our retail customers. We place heavy emphasis on creating outstanding promotions for our customers and present these by well-trained salespeople.

We have a solid and proven territory management system in place for all our territories. This plan allows our “best” customers a more frequent call cycle. In essence, the more a customer buys - the more frequent the sales rep is in their store.

KoLiBaBa can provide your company with a winning combination:
  • Professional knowledgeable sales staff

  • Personal interaction between customers and your company

  • Innovative marketing of your product lines to our customer base

  • Above BPI sales

  • RepTime Order writing system and Back Office

  • Web Site

  • To give you the most Professional sales people we believe in ongoing training. This includes show time sales meetings and conference calls through out the year. We have also utilized the industry certified training program. We believe this training and our customer service sets us apart from other organizations.

    Mission Statement:

    Our purpose is to provide the best customer service to the retailers in our marketing area.

    We will provide the best representation to the lines we represent and will strive to bring new and different lines to our marketing area.

    We will represent our companies and ourselves honestly.

    To be "partners" with the retailers is most important in our minds. Our main job is to help our retailers make a profit.

    To work hard for the people who support our company.

    Our Company Structure

    We represent numerous categories and lines for these reasons:

    By carrying numerous lines, we are able to have smaller territories that are more manageable. We also are able to service each account on a more frequent basis for placement of orders and the taking of reorders. We then become more important to those retailers and our reps can make a living in our small BPI marketing area.

    The different categories allow us to sell multiple lines in small area without jeopardizing relationships with our accounts.

    We believe this philosophy has contributed to the longevity of our Reps.

    Our experience has taught us that this method is the best for our specific marketing area.

    States of Coverage & Territories in Each State

    Sales Manager
  • Has key accounts and sales staff management

  • Key Accounts
  • Key accounts are in each territory

  • Mass Market
  • Territory rep has responsibilities

  • Oregon
  • Three territories

  • Washington
  • Four territories

  • Northern Idaho
  • One territory (covered out of Spokane)

  • Southern Idaho
  • One territory (covered out of Boise)

  • Montana
  • One territory (covered out of Spokane)

  • Alaska
  • Covered by rep visits, telemarketing and showroom visits

  • References

    Line Represented


    Phone Number

    Swan Creek Debbie Duke 888-626-4590
    Amanda Blu Ted Maslanka 913-381-9494
    Glass Baron Bruce MacCall 800-432-2766
    Springbok Steve Streit 800-497-8697
    Lazy One Travis Hoopes 866-340-5278

        Dennis Behrends
    Agency Owner
    Started March
    W. Portland & Coast
    Started July 1989
    Jim John & Sophie
    E. WA, C. WA, N. ID & MT
    Started Aug 2018

    Office Mgr
    Started Aug 1995
    E. Portland, E. OR., C. OR. S. OR

    S. ID & E. OR
    Started May 2015
    Tacoma & W. WA.
    Startd Sept 2019

    S. Seattle to Bellingham